WARNING: This product is used in HIGH RISK activities. Before using this product, read all information including the Terms & Conditions. If you do not agree with the Terms & Conditions or information supplied with the product you can return the unused product within 14 days.

Before starting, read all of the instructions to achieve a successful impression!

IMPORTANT: Retain these instructions for future reference.

  • If you wear braces, or have any other dental conditions/concerns, please consult your dentist/orthodontist before using this kit.
  • Do not chew mouth guard which can cause the mouth guard to lose its effectiveness.
  • Do not store mouth guard where it can be exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures, (i.e., car, direct sunlight, etc.)
  • Check mouth guard for fit and comfort before each use. Do Not Use mouth guard if fit has changed and/or any rough or sharp edges are found.

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